ZVex Tremorama - Yoda - Scratch & Dent

By ZVex

$ 260.00 $ 380.00

*Minor blemishes and nicks in the finish* This pedal has never left the shop and has been used only as our demo pedal.

This custom Tremorama is #62 from 2012

The ZVex Tremorama is an eight-stage sequencer-controlled tremolo pedal. The controls are, from left to right, 4/8/6 step selector switch, speed (tempo), and 8 sequencer volume controls. All of the controls work in the opposite direction from conventional because the pots are smoother this way. This means you have to turn them to the left to make them louder, or in the case of the speed control, to make it faster. There is also a true-bypass stomp switch which causes the sequencer to halt and wait at step number 1 until the pedal is turned back on.

* This is a store demo unit and may exhibit slight signs of wear.

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