ZVex Oooh Wah II

By Ludlow Guitars

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*Minor blemishes and nicks in the finish* This pedal has never left the shop and has been used only as our demo pedal.

This Ooh Wah II is #33 from 2011

Part sequencer, part wah-wah, part tremolo. Put it together and you have the Ooh Wah II guitar effects pedal, a mind-bending Zvex pedal. The Wah pedal has a random/seek stomp switch that lets you jump between the seek-wah sound, which gives the wah sound in sequence, and a random mode, which sounds a little like random sample-and-hold driving a bandpass filter.

The lights of the wah pedal are all going in a row signifies the seek mode...step on the random switch to put it in random mode. The notch in each knob helps with referencing the position, and an LED by each wah control shows which sequencer stage is active and by it's brightness, the wah setting.

The ZVex Ooh-Wah II is sort of a combination of a tremolo and a wah wah pedal. If you're familiar with seventies synths, it's exactly like an analog sequencer/random sample-and-hold, controlling a mellow bandpass filter. You have a choice between 4, 6, or 8 steps/channels for your wah. The ZVex guitar pedal's six step positions work well with 6/8 or 3/4 time songs when in seek-mode, and you can control the total number of possible "channels" of wah with the switch in random mode.

In seek-mode, the ZVex Ooh Wah II effect pedal steps through from one wah setting to another and starts over after it gets to the end of the sequence. There's a total of nine knobs, the leftmost being a speed control, and the other being wah settings, which get brighter when you turn them to the left. The ZVex wah pedal lets you set up patterns to accentuate notes in arpeggiated chords at particular spots.

* This is a store demo unit and may exhibit slight signs of wear.

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