ThroBak Overdrive Boost

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Throbak Electronics offers the Overdrive Boost. Throbak has reproduced and improved the circuit of the original Colorsound Overdriver (also known by the name Power Boost). The original was used by Jeff Beck and was an integral part of his 70's signature tone. The Colorsound Overdriver was also a favorite of Marc Bolan and is considered by many to be the best overdrive/booster ever made.

This vintage circuit was made popular for it's ability to bring body, dimension and tonal flexibility to a single channel tube amp. This Silicon transistor circuit can give everything from a substantial and extremely transparent clean boost to all out silicon fuzz and every tonal variation in between. The flexible and interactive bass and treble controls can add treble bite and chime to a overly bassy amp or add a meaty low end to an amp that sounds too thin. This pedal is almost like it's own little amp in a box that will bring amazing clean and distorted tones to any tube amplifier.

In keeping with their Signature sound philosophy, ThroBak have added several improvements and tweaks to the pedal that let you tailor your own signature sound with this tonal giant. First they have added a master volume. The original Colorsound Overdrivers usually lacked a master volume control so they added one to the Overdrive Boost. As with the Throbak Fuzz Haze and Stone Bender a Pre Gain switch has been added giving more control to low note definition of distorted tones. Thirdly a switchable Germanium transistor has been paired with a Germanium diode and added to the circuit. The original circuit remains in tact but when switched on, the Germanium pair adds flexibility way beyond that of the original Colorsound Overdriver, adding the edgy, compressed distortion tones you can only get from Germanium.

In addition to these features each silicon transistor has it's own internal trim pot to ensure that each pedal is perfectly tuned.

Give your non-master volume amp the control of a master volume amp. When paired with a great non-master volume amp like the Throbak 18 Watt Classic Combo, the Overdrive Boost lets you crank your amp to 10 and still play at bedroom levels, while keeping the great cranked tone. The Overdrive Boost gives the same rich, complex tones usually only associated with an attenuator, but cheaper more compact and more tonally flexible when compared to an attenuator. The combination of the master volume and the Germanium pair gives this attenuator like effect. This attenuator like effect is only made possible with the ThroBak Germanium pair modification. The original unmodified Colorsound Overdrive circuit cannot duplicate this attenuator like effect with a non-master volume amp.

Rediscover what Jeff Beck and many others discovered with the original circuit by getting the Overdrive Boost between your guitar and amp.

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