Solid Gold FX High Octane - Scratch & Dent

By Solid Gold FX

$ 100.00 $ 175.00

* This is a store demo unit and may exhibit slight signs of wear.

New Old Stock from 2010.

The High Octane’s main focus is clarity, response and versatility. The goal for this pedal was to produce a rich, complex, low to mid gain overdrive in a simple package with lots of output. The tone is smooth and full bodied yet crisp and clear, highly responsive to player dynamics, pick attack and guitar output; as such, it cleans very well up as you reduce your guitar's volume.

The High Octane’s gain ranges from a natural clean boost to a gritty low to medium gain OD. SolidGoldFX has included a two-way mode switch providing modern and vintage overdrive characteristics. The modern mode relies on MOSFET technology to provide a natural, crisp, uncompressed breakup and high output. The vintage mode provides extra compression, added saturation and a warmer, more rounded overdrive tone. They have also included a specially tuned tone control to help dial in just the right tonal balance. If more distortion is required, simply put a boost pedal in front of the High Octane and dial in as much layered, creamy saturation you desire.


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