RML Electron Fuzz Custom


$ 425.00

The Electron Fuzz Custom “RETRO” houses the same circuit as the aluminum pedal version but is placed in a classy wood box and ours comes with a custom lid.

A custom lid adds $76 to the stock models price of $349.

This is an extremely high gain distortion. Seriously, normal volume setting is at about 10% of its full output potential. Two gain/tone controls “Hurt” and “Pain” give a variety of tone textures and a feedback noise loop can be adjusted to add a very gritty almost 8-bit sound or a squelching scream. (Great for droning or well crafted solos and recording). The extra stomp switch adds 2 more additional gain stages and a boost of high end to the sound. Best of all the distortion oscillates when notes are held adding a new level of expression.

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