RML Clean OverdrivR

By Ludlow Guitars

$ 339.00

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The RML OverdrivR is a combination Boost and Distortion/Overdrive.

This pedal has two channels: Clean Boost and Overdrive/Distortion. The toggle switches between these two channels. Only one channel can be engaged at a time. An additional diode clipping mod has been added and is only available on the custom wooden boxes. Our particular pedal comes with a vintage meter.


  • Output: Volume for each mode of operation.
  • Drive: This knob only functions when the pedal is in overdrive mode. This increases/decreases the amount of gain on the overdrive channel.
  • Toggle 1: Switches between the clean boost and overdrive channels.
  • Toggle 2: Diode clipping mod works in both clean and overdrive modes. It is controlled by the secondary toggle switch. You will notice a slight decrease in bass and volume when the diode clip is engaged. Works best when overdrive is cranked!
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