JHS Superbolt V2 Overdrive

By Ludlow Guitars

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Suberbolt V2 Manual Premier Guitar Review of JHS Superbolt Overdrive


The JHS SuperBolt overdrive pedal, at its heart, is a discrete circuit designed to emulate the tone and character of the 1960’s-era Supro® amps.

The Gain toggle switch lets you toggle between two gain settings, much like the High/Low input jacks found on many of the amplifiers of the 50’s and 60’s. In the down position, the cleanest sounds are available and a slightly darker and more mellow tone is on tap. In the up position, you’ll find huge amounts of headroom, more upper mids, more available dirt, and the most rock and roll that the pedal can offer. When the Gain toggle is activated the status LED changes to Red.

New to the Superbolt V2 is the ability to remotely switch the high gain setting using the 1/4" jack on the top right side of the pedal. Set your normal SB setting and switch instantly using the Red Remote for an on-the-fly secondary tone without using hardly any extra space on your board at all.

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