DNA Purple Phase

By Ludlow Guitars

$ 120.00

Ludlow Guitars is discontinuing carrying this select brand. And will no longer be Authorized Dealers of these companies. Some of the pedals have been demoed and may show signs of wear. However, all pedals are still under manufactures warranty and are technically brand new with reduced prices. If you want to know the exact condition on a specific pedal, please contact us. Once we sell out of stock that’s it, there will be no more. So act now before it’s too late.

All Sales are Final

Up for sale is this DNA Analogic Purple Phase. It is in excellent used condition with some cosmetic wear & tear. Does not include box, paperwork or power supply.

The Purple Phase provides a versatile, unique phasing effect that is unmatched in the world of phasers both past and present. Until now, all conventional phasers have controlled the rate of the phasing sweep by altering resistance within the circuit. Conversely, the PP-1 controls the rate by altering internal voltage using an ingenious VCO-ed LFO circuit. 

This highly innovative design not only offers smoother rate transitions across the phasing sweep, it also allows the PP-1s rate to be controlled by an external volume control (Ernie Ball/MM volume pedal is recommended) and provides the PP-1 with a very unique phasing voice. 

In addition to foot-controlled rate, the Purple Phase also features footswitchable dual mode operation. Mode A features an elaborate phasing tone that is more intense and rich in harmonics, while Mode B provides a smoother, more subtle phasing effect with a boost in the mid-range frequencies similar to vintage phasers. Mode selection is indicated by Green/Red status LED. 

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