Boss - 1980's - TW-1 Wah - Scratch & Dent

By Boss

$ 100.00

* This is a store demo unit and may exhibit slight signs of wear.

This Boss TW-1 T Wah is in very good vintage condition with some cosmetic wear & tear. SENS knob has been replaced with a large classic Boss-style knob for a funky look. Does not include box, paperwork or power supply.

The T stands for "Touch". The TW-1 was replaced by the AW-2 in 1991. Together with the CS-1, the TW-1 is the only pedal to have a toggle switch. With only 2 controls, the TW-1 is very easy to control. The later autowah pedals have the added versatility of modulation but for the basic wah sound the TW-1 does the job without forcing the user to read the manual.

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