Bare Knuckle Pickups - Blackguard Flat '52 Tele Set

By Bare Knuckle Pickups

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Based on player requests for Telecaster® tones from specific eras and backed up by meticulous research, the Blackguard Tele® Series is a collection of four classic Tele® sets ranging from the original 'blackguard' Teles® of 1950 through to later 1968 models.

For a very short period in '52 both bridge and neck coils were wound with 42AWG plain enamel and the Flat 52 set replicates this with a brighter, tighter sounding bridge coil and an open, almost Strat-like neck tone. Utilising the slightly thinner copper plated steel baseplate introduced in late '51 and staying with a flat profile magnet design and deep drawn neck cover, the tone has a defined snap in the bass and authentic, full twang. The Flat '52 really is a very unique and versatile Tele® set capable of a vast range of clean and driven vintage tones.


Vintage Hot

Bridge DC:

7.1KΩ *
Alnico V

Neck DC:

5KΩ *
Alnico V

*all DC resistances are approximate

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