The Ludlow Story

Where We Started

We first got started back in 1999, when the Lower East Side was a fair part grittier and generally kind of unsafe area of Manhattan. Throughout those years, not only did we became a part of the ever evolving neighborhood we had became a trusted place for top quality music gear in the city. As our reputation grew, customers from all around the world began to come to our shop. In these days we had helped countless musicians, from some of the most famous stars to touring bands to beginners wanting to purchase their first guitar.

With our vicinity to a wealth of music venues we have assisted thousands of touring bands. Not only in helping craft their tone with our exceptional collection of musical gear but also in saving their equipment when things had inevitably gone wrong. With some of the most highly talented technicians around there was practically nothing that we could not fix. We were (and still are) a family run shop and have always prided ourselves on carrying the best equipment from the coolest builders from around the world. Our passion for gear and service has been absolute and because of that we have become one of the most respected guitar stores in NYC.

Things of note of the shop:

- The movie Nick and Nora Infinite Playlist filmed on location
- Gary Clark Jr. bought his famous White Fender Custom Shop Strat
- A favorite store of Walter Becker from (Steely Dan)
- Had two locations on the same street over the course of 17 years
- Foo Fighters filmed on location
- HBO & Dave Grohl for Sonic Highway filmed on location
- Pete Yorn performed in store
- Law and Order filmed on location
- David Lee Roth (Van Halen) lived down the street and frequented the shop
- Vernon Reid (Living Colour) came to us for repairs when not on tour.
- Edward Burns movie Looking For Kitty
- Countless Stars from all over the world have paid a visit to the store.

Ludlow Guitars old store

The Great Transition

When we left our home of Ludlow Street, we didn't quite realize the dramatic journey we were about to undertake. Our initial relocation plans had gotten held up and as time passed we took on new opportunities. Without a storefront, we started taking on appointments with customers in hidden locations throughout the city. Whilst also getting requests to come to people's houses. Which, then led us to customers rehearsal spaces, to private offices and occasionally out in the streets. It was all a very new way of working but something we were really enjoying. During this time we had also teamed up with the exceptionally talented and very cool fashion designer Christian Benner and created our very first pop up shop. It was a wonderful blend of Rock & Roll fashion and musical instruments hanging side by side down in the Historic South Street Seaport. It was almost like the old shop had made a come back...

In the back of our minds though, we knew that ever since we left Ludlow street, it wouldn't be the same. And as time passed and the way we were working changed. The style of the old Ludlow Guitars was becoming no more. We were now much more on the move, making appointments to see and meet people and exploring the city. We were now connecting in ways with musicians which we had never experienced before and we soon realized we were never going back...

Ludlow Guitars old store inside

The Rebirth of Ludlow Guitars

In our quest for moving forward. Ludlow Guitars has undergone serious revisions and have become a new generation of guitar retail. Having teamed up with fashion designer Christian Benner, we wanted to showcase the art associated with music and to transform your experience from the ordinary to the exemplary. We are 100% committed to your satisfaction and the goods we provide. As dealers of bespoke musical goods in NYC we want to push the boundaries of what it means to be in retail, ans as we deal only with the finest musical instruments from the best builders around the world you’ll find that for the best, you wont need to go anywhere else.

Owner: Kaan H.

Garrett L.