Our Repair Network

In our attempt to get you the very best service regardless of location. We are teaming up with the very best local Luthiers and Technicians around the city to bring their expertise closer to home.

Take a look at the Map for a technician near you.


Garrett A.

Guitar Technician

Lower East Side

(917) 306-3217


Farhad S.

Guitar Technician


(646) 653-5845

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Looking to Expand

We are always on the lookout for qualified technicians & luthiers who can expand our coverage of the city. If you are interested in joining our network please contact us.

(Specifically looking for Technicians who repair Amplifier & Effects, Guitars of all kinds, Brass & Wind as well as Violins, cello’s etc.)

Disclaimer: All work is backed by each individual technician, Ludlow Guitars is not responsible for any work done by these 3rd party techs. All issues are to be brought up with the individual technicians first. However, if you had a good or bad experience we would love to know so we can create the best experience possible for everyone.