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“For the realm of sound is much like the cosmos: beautiful, vast and filled with mystery.”

Our Journey into the sonic realm is forever unfolding. Littered with obstacles and rarely with a defined end in sight. This artistic exploration is an individual journey, where there are no road maps, no easy paths in defining what kind of musician you become or what tools you’ll use. These are questions that only you can answer, and only in time… However, as we are musicians first and foremost, we have spent many years learning and helping musicians find their way. Though, we cannot claim to know all the answers, we know that we can at least point you in the right direction. We can act like a compass and help direct and spur you on. We love music. It is our passion and so even if you are a beginner who needs guidance or a seasoned pro looking just in need of assistance our doors will always be open to you.

Ask away and will do what we can to best help you out. (We’re pretty quick in responding.)

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