About Us

Ludlow Guitars is a family owned, brick and mortar, music centric mainstay of NYC for over 15 years. Residing in the venue laden Lower East Side, we’ve been buying, trading, selling, repairing and assisting touring and resident musicians in all things music. With an excellent collection of gear backed by top-class service we continue to show why we are a trusted name in the world of musical gear.

However, as times move on we’ve been changing our game as well. Where once upon a time we were primarily a vintage shop, we have now focused on the boutique builders of this world. Besides being a supporter of other small and local businesses, the quality, craft and innovation that we see these days from them is really quite amazing. After all, we believe in instruments for life, not this current form of disposable goods and price pointing that is so synonymous with the big box office stores. We understand that we can’t always help out everyone when it comes to finding the right guitar but we can surely help you when it comes to crafting your tone.

We just happen to stock one of the largest collections of boutique effects pedals on the east coast. Have you watched too many youtube videos, listened to too many sound clips? Not actually sure whether if it’s right for you? Did I mention we're an actual shop! You can come in and try what we have. Better yet, we are equipped with two soundproof rooms which allow you to really find out if that pedal works with your playing style, there is no better pre-buying test.

Besides the fact that we carry tons of pedals and gorgeous high quality gear we also have a great in house repair team. Pretty much, there is nothing that we cannot fix. From tube or transistor amplifiers, pedals and guitars of all shapes and sizes, and occasionally things that aren’t; we have the skills and the know how to bring your precious gear back to life.

Not only do we keep your prized gear in tip top shape, we also offer lessons in our studio at the shop to keep your skills sharp and ever progressing. The time slots here are quite limited but for the select few who get in, we offer real excellent one-on-one training and overall musical knowledge from the staff. 

We here at Ludlow Guitars are proud of what we do, we are excited for the future and are glad that we can give something back to the world around us. Though it’s not easy in the hustle and bustle of NYC, we strive to do some good and to assist our fellow musicians in bringing joy and music to the people around us.

Environment Friendly

Even though we are predominantly a retail shop, it doesn't stop us from giving back. We are believers and supporters of two charities that we think are doing a lot of good for the people and the world around us. First is the NRDC (National Resource Defense Council) whose business is to pretty much to save the world. Not an easy task by any means but we're glad they're doing what they do, and to show our support we donate a percentage of our profits every month to the cause.

Highly Educational

Secondly is Education Through Music NYC, a local charity to which we donate musical instruments. We tend to take instruments that are damaged or given to us by good samaritans, then fix them up and send them on their way. They are then used in ETM’s program for disadvantaged schools to help and give students a more rounded higher education. We believe just like ETM that all kids deserve access to quality music education, as it not only opens the door to the arts, but actually helps improve other areas of education. We like to be a part of this because though a teacher is absolutely vital for student education; music cannot happen without the instruments to learn on. This is where we are happy to help.