Wren and Cuff Guitar Pedals

From a singular desire and obsession, Wren and Cuff was formed in the crucible of fuzz. But not just any old fuzz. Their journey was long and treacherous for they were hunting the notorious and mythical Muff. A most dangerous and variable fuzz that altered its form from year to year. Only after several great encounters did Wren and Cuff come away with the secrets to tame such a legendary beast. And from years of toil in the denizens of their laboratory, Wren and Cuff were able to recreate the very best iterations of the Muff.

Fast forward to the present and Wren and Cuff have become known as a top quality boutique pedal company with a passion for fuzz. Their reengineering of classic fuzzes, using quality components, in modern stomboxes has seen their rise to fame. And though they have branched out to other styles of pedals they have continuously retained their focus on the classic Muff. Thank goodness they have. With their utter devotion to creating the exacting nuances that made the Muff one of the most revered fuzzes in the world. We now too can have access to the very best of what these monster fuzzes have to offer.

Fuzz in a way is very much like the sonic equivalent to wine. There are different styles, like there are different regions. And with these variations in style you get these different textures and timbers that though are similar to one another; still yet retain distinctive characteristics. It is these nuances that differentiate the best from the rest. So when, like a sommelier has spent years tasting, Wren and cuff have spent years listening. Drink up from their knowledge and surrender to the fuzz.

Ludlow Guitars are a proud Authorized Dealer of Wren and Cuff.

Wren and Cuff pedals are hand-built in California, USA.