ThorpyFX Guitar Pedals

An explosive ordnance specialist and former major from the British Military, ThorpyFx is now bringing his military engineering skills to the forefront of pedal building. Each pedal is lovingly and precisely constructed, and as you can imagine he knows a thing or two about engineering, wiring and what exactly military grade is all about. This is why he uses only the best components available such as Wima and Panasonic capacitors, 1% metal film resistors, Audiophile grade Op-Amps and gold plated PCB's to build his pedals with. As you might expect, his pedals are meticulously wired (we can’t stress that enough), constructed with the finest components (which other companies claim but simply do not do). And to top it off they are built like tanks (which is normally a bit of a cliché but in this case, fitting).

ThorpyFx is a relatively new company to the pedal world. But don’t think for a second that these pedals wont perform exactly as entailed on the front lines. His pedals have been thoroughly thought out to exacting details, just as a military mind would do. Custom laser etched stainless steel enclosures (extreme durability), recessed controls (no more accidentally changing controls with your foot), top mounted jacks (pedal-board friendly) in a robust compact design. It’s great when you get both an attractive and bulletproof pedal. And then top it off with exceptional tone that inspires and competes with some of the very best vintage and boutique pedals out there. That my friend; is what I call a win-win. These tone machines deliver fine musicality and have the versatility for all styles of music. They are well worth the applause and the attention.

We are very proud to say that Ludlow Guitars are the exclusive Authorized Dealers of ThorpyFx in New York City.

ThorpyFx are meticulously handmade in England, UK.