Strymon Guitar Pedals

What more can be said about Strymon than what has already been said. Left Brain artists, innovators and thinkers, Strymon have turned the world on its head with their revolutionary pedals. Since their inception back in 2010, they have taken no prisoners in their march to dominance in the pedal world. Strymon have become one of the most highly regarded boutique pedal companies in the business. And there are no signs of them slowing down. For every new pedal announcement, the musical world roars in anticipation. For many people believe, that they have single-handedly broken the stigma that digital pedals are sonically inferior to the tried and true of the analog world. And that is by no means any small feat.

With ridiculously powerful processors (DSP) Strymon have pushed the limits of music technology. These sonic war machines pack obscene amount of musicality and controllability in each stompbox. Every pedal not only sounds fantastic with an easy to use interface but they also all have additional under the hood controllable parameters, creating a truly comprehensible musical device. With digital flexibility and Strymon’s ingenuity we may now have what some might consider the gold standard in effect pedals. A bold claim, I know but there is a reason why you see these pedals littering the majority of world’s best pedalboards. The functionality, power and ease of use make these pedals an undeniable addition.

Strymon have continuously thrown down the gauntlet for everything they make. There are no short cuts and no compromises and their pursuit for tone and functionality is absolute. They have been creating some of the world’s best effects pedals for the market and they are hell bent on inspiring you to create amazing music with amazing tools.

Ludlow Guitars are a very proud Authorized Dealer of Strymon.

Strymon effect pedals are designed and built in California, USA.

*All Strymon pedals are in stock, it is only a very rare occasion that we are out. Due to regulations we are not allowed to sell Strymon pedals directly online. You must call us to purchase.*