Retro Mechanical Labs Guitar Pedals

Some pedal builders really take their craft unto a whole other level. And Retro Mechanical Labs does just that. They build these beautiful pieces one at a time and by hand. Retro Mechanical Labs not only craft original designed circuits, but also encase them in artfully gorgeous wooden and metal enclosures. They are then topped off with functioning meters that not only makes them feel like they were pulled from the consul of a World War II command post but also makes each unique pedal unequivocally standout from the rest of the competition.

Of course it’s not all just about looks, Retro Mechanical Labs are producing exceptional quality sounding musical devices ranging from overdrives to fuzz and distortions to resonant filters, all having great depth, versatility and at the end of day produce beautiful tones. And not just for guitar players, these are for all electrical instruments. These are made for the sonic explorers who want that little bit of extra class that cannot be reproduced from mass production. These pedals actually remind us in terms of shear quality, a world class British pedal builder (whom we also carry).

When you get that marriage of true artisan craftsmanship that embodies the steam-punk aesthetics and imbue it with the techno-wizardry of musical circuitry and merge them into one. I think it’s safe to say that you get something more than just a simple musical device; you get a piece of individual art. A piece of someone’s time and soul culminated into something beautiful. These are truly impressive effects pedals inside and out and with a flavor and beauty unlike anything else.

Ludlow Guitars is very proud to be an exclusive Authorized Dealer of Retro Mechanical Labs in New York City.

Retro Mechanical Labs are lovingly and exquisitely handcrafted in Portland, USA.