Red Panda Pedals

For the experimentally minded, Red Panda Lab are designing some exceptionally creative musical effects pedals that twist and warp the digital spectrum of sound. This boutique pedal company is proudly breaking the mold for the non-conformists in us. With their creative and inspiring algorithms taking sonic exploration down a road of crushing, granular, radical pitch, shimmering insanity. It’s hard not to be swept up by it all, and made eager to test out ones sonic mettle.

Red Panda offers up some serious treats for the adventurous sonic explorers. With a variety of weird and funky effects, most of their offerings will get you something positively and refreshingly unique. And for that, we really appreciate them. Too many times do we see companies that just make another overdrive pedal, or just another distortion box. Boring… So, we find it really refreshing to have a company who tries to create pedals that are different and original!

When the acoustic landscape of self-oscillation chaos befall upon your ears, close you eyes and allow the dissonant harmonies of a frequency war envelop you. Wielding these inspiration sound machines, one cannot help but become more open to new cosmic ideas and sounds.

Ludlow Guitars is a proud Authorized Dealer of Red Panda Labs.

Red Panda labs pedals are hand-assembled in Detroit, USA.