Pettyjohn Electronics Guitar Pedals

For the audiophiles who are looking for high-end studio equipment guised as an effect pedal, look no further than Pettyjohn Electronics. These boys are not holding back in their attempt to give you the very best unadulterated studio quality guitar pedals on the market. They want to take your tone and refine it to be the best it possibly can be. “Tools for Tone” is the name of their game.

Pettyjohn are utilizing some of the finest components to build their pedals with. These are the same type of components that one would find in top of the line studio gear. This is surprisingly much more uncommon in the pedal world than you would think. However, this attention to quality really sets Pettyjohn apart and allows them to create musical tools that are not just harmonically rich but also natural and full, as well, imparting depth and musical sweetness. It all comes down to this, when you are using top of the line components such as Burr Brown OPA series high-performance audiophile Op-Amps, plus audiophile grade through-hole 1% Metal Film resistors and top shelf Wima and silver Mica caps. Added with internally direct-coupled stages for the purest signal path possible and then use lead-Free PCB constructed with audiophile lead-free silver solder. It’s no wonder you get an exceptional musical tool designed for recording or the stage. And with huge internal musical headroom and extremely low noise, it’s an extremely hard recipe to beat.

These boys have it down to a science. When you have a team of passionate gear heads who are looking for purest sound and refuse to use only but the best equipment available. You get a true premium product.

Ludlow Guitars are a proud Authorized Dealer of Pettyjohn Electronics.

Pettyjohn Electronics are lovingly hand-built in Oregon, USA.