Pete Cornish Guitar Pedals

Pete Cornish to many is regarded as one of the all-time greats. He’s been plying his trade for decades “since the early 1970’s” and with his engineering skill he’s been building some of the very best pedals, pedal boards, and guitar cables for the top musicians from around the world. His no nonsense designs coupled with exceptional quality and meticulously build work, means you have a pedal that rarely, if ever, goes wrong. And they only make noise when asked of- no unrequested hiss, hum or squeak to speak of. His quality of work is without question but it is the tones that you can generate that set his work apart from the rest. The musicality is there for all to see, and you only need to plug it in to understand the true depth of what these pedals can produce. To this day Pete and his family continue to build for the A-list stars of the music industry and for anyone who is looking for a truly top quality musical device.

His artist client list truly speaks for itself:

Peter Banks (Yes), Robert Fripp (King Crimson), Brian May (Queen), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Phil Manzanera & Brian Eno (Roxy Music), Andy Summers & Sting (Police), Dave Murray (Iron Maiden), Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney (Beatles), Jimmy Page (Led Zepplin), Lou Reed, Pete Townsend (The Who)

And we haven’t even scratched the surface. There are so many other greats who have gone to Pete for their effects pedals. And Pete Cornish brings the same attention and desire to all his pedals regardless of the client.

We here at Ludlow Guitars are exceptionally proud to be an Authorized Dealer of one of the great master pedal builders of our time.

Pete Cornish pedals are lovingly and expertly handmade in England, UK.