Origin Effects Guitar Pedals

Origin Effects do one thing, compressors. But they do it so exceptionally well and with such attention to detail, that only studio grade rack mounted gear pretty much competes with them. You kind of have to admire a company that decides to make one type of effect and then to make it to highest possible standards that can be achieved. The inspiration for the Cali76 Limiting Amplifiers is based off the legendary rack mounted Urei/Universal Audio 1176 FET Compressor. Designed originally by Bill Putnam in 1966, the 1176 have become regarded as one of the very best studio compressors in history. Used on more records than I care to name throughout time, but synonymous in British recordings of that particular era. You have likely heard the warming, energetic, high-class grit that it can bestow, and as well, making recordings sound large but also extremely intimate. It became one of the have to have compressors for vocals but it worked flawlessly on practically everything else. From guitar, to bass, snare, kicks and claps, to synth and even sub-bass mixes. No wonder this compressor became a true classic.

Origin Effects have now taken the template of this prestigious compressor, utilizing the finest components and with the most discerning and vigorous testing. Have been able to recreate the magic of the Urei/Universal Audio 1176 FET Compressor. Turning what was a sizable rack mounted unit into a durable pedal-board friendly stomp-box. (That is magic). With that, now you can bring a world-class compressor anywhere you want and use it for practically all and every one of your recordings. And, you can have it for much less than what the vintage ones goes for. Who says good things don’t come in small packages!

Ludlow Guitars is proud to be an Authorized Dealer of Origin Effects.

Origin Effects are discerningly built in England, UK.