Hologram Pedals

We will always be huge fans that love the classic sounds of the music that we grew up with. But there is nothing that quite tickles our fancy than something exciting and sonically new that pops up on the horizon. In Hologram Electronics we have just that, these guys are making serious waves in the music world for guitar, bass and keyboard players. Instead of sticking to the tried and true formulas of pedal design, these guys are really taking sonic experimentation to a whole new and profound level. And we love that! They are jumping into the digital frontier and are taking us on a journey that you may not ever want to return from.

It’ll take a bold sonic explorer to make this sound theirs but fortune favors the brave. So, if you are interested in spearheading the future of musical tones and experimentation then do yourself a favor and jump deep into what these guys are up to. Their goal is to provide instrumentalists with new choices in effects and to take musicians on a path that has never been ventured down before. The Dream Sequence and the Infinite Jets Resynthesizer pedals are the sounds of tomorrow, here today. Hologram Electronics are leading the way by creating a swirling crescendo of synth, patterns, octaves, pitch shifting, envelop, arppegiating, sampling in musical devices of true 21st century style.

With the synth engines primed and running, and the controls set for the heart of the sun. Bending the dimensional waves of space-time, this jump into a new reality is just the first stop on your path of exploration. Grab it and go and will see you on the other side!

Ludlow Guitars is an exceptionally proud Authorized Dealer of these inspiring tone machines.

Hologram Electronics are futuristically replicated in Tennessee, USA


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