Eventide Guitar Pedals

These guys are one of the heavy hitters of the musical gear world. Having started in New York in 1971, they are now producing some of the finest and most powerful musical tools available. From broadcasting to recording equipment and from powerful rack-mounted studio tools to software plug-ins, Eventide brings their musical knowledge and power to the forefront in guitar effects. Taking their powerful and extremely advanced algorithms, Eventide are giving you access to sounds that you’ve never yet thought of and giving you the best of the classics as well.

And all of these sounds from arpeggiating, octave shifting, fuzzy, cosmic reverberating, modulating, mind-bending mayhem are all at your fingertips and in one device. Yeah, that’s right, one device. Every guitar pedal you need is packed into this award-winning designed pedal. That’s a lot. So, the real questions, is, can you handle it? Because it’s a bit much for some, I’ve seen plenty of musicians struggle to get their minds around it. If confidence is your game and you’re a stalwart for technology, then this beast of pedal can and will change your musical life. But you need to take that jump and be fully committed to the cause.

As Eventide says: “One Pedal to Rule them all”. If I hadn’t personally tried the H9 pedal, I would be suspicious of that statement. But I cannot think of a more powerful, all encompassing pedal that comes anywhere close to what Eventide have been able to do with this little white box. With its absurd amount of fine control over every parameter, everything can be personally tuned to your musical vision. It is a revolutionary pedal for guitar player and musicians alike, there is nothing quite like the Eventide H9 in a pedal format on the market and it will become one of the most powerful weapons in your entire musical arsenal.

Ludlow Guitars is a proud Authorized Dealer of Eventide

Eventide are based out of New Jersey, USA