Empress Effects Guitar Pedals

The pedal gurus of Empress Effects are always producing top quality musical devices. With their goal to produce original and exciting effects that are intuitive as well as innovative, Empress always seem to deliver. This boutique pedal company has been quietly making some exceptional pedals over the years, and backed with stellar customer service has created a very loyal and endeared fan-base.

Empress has created quite an array of pedals but at the hearts of these pedals lays a uniformed pattern. Having taken classic pedal ideas, Empress really expands on the capacity and ideas of each and every one of these classic concepts. Giving users much more modern conveniences, such as better tonal options, controls, parameters, as well as musicality partnered with high quality construction. All of these parts uniting and culminating to create exceptional guitar pedals.

The beauty of Empress is that they have solid and great design. They are keeping functionality easy to understand and with great range of control without having to scroll threw menus to get to the in-depth settings. This blend of seamless analog control gives users instant access to the parameters; one would normally only get when one delves in to the more complicated pedals. Not everyone is a technology savant and I feel that Empress does a great blend of giving musicians a vast array of fine control without having to pull the manuals out to determine ones next settings.

So, when you go further on your sonic exploration, take the time to check Empress Effects out. They have been making great musical gear for many years and are highly regarded from musicians around the world. You will not regret it.

Ludlow Guitars is a proud Authorized Dealer of Empress Effects

Empress Effects are expertly designed and built in Ontario, Canada.