Chase Bliss Audio Guitar Pedals

With a mantra such as digital brain, analog heart, we find that there is not a more fitting description that fully encompasses Chase Bliss Audio’s ethos. Chase Bliss is a groundbreaking company that you need to know, and if you have never heard of them, well you are in for a real treat. Their goal, simply, is to give unprecedented digital control to original and creative analog designs. Chase Bliss is for musicians that want something truly different in their stomp-box arsenal.

With that unprecedented amount of control, never seen on an analog pedal. These feature-packed, no compromise, inspiring guitar pedals have been made with real attention to detail and passion. The creative opportunities and applications at one’s fingertips have never known such freedom from an analog effect pedal. And that is exceptionally exciting. Never before have we musicians had this type of sonic luxury in a perfectly sized compact stompbox.

Of course, these pedals are not for everyone; if you are more of a forget it and leave it kind of player or just get scared of too many knobs and switched then these are probably not for you. These are really for the gear nuts that demand to tweak everything, and for the sonic explorers who are looking for new areas of parameter controllability. Where everything from under modulation, automation, waveforms and instantaneous recall are at your disposal. It’s true that these incredibly deep optioned pedals can be intimidating for the faint of heart. But once you learn to tap into the power of these masterfully engineered pedals, you’ll soon find the time spent is well worth the rewards. And the limits of what you can create are only held back by one’s own imagination.

Ludlow Guitars are proud Authorized Dealers of Chase Bliss Audio.

Chase Bliss Audio are beautifully designed and manufactured in Minnesota, USA