Analogman Guitar Pedals

There are probably not many people on the planet who know as much about fuzz pedals or even just generally about vintage pedals than the Analog Man team. These guys have been creating some of very best reissues of classic, old school pedals out there. They have taken what has worked from years ago and have rehoused and revamped them in modern stomp-boxes for everyday musicians. They are a unique company as they mod as well as repairs other company’s pedals and they also go out and buy sought after vintage pedals for there own personal collection and edification. Actually, they are so invested into vintage pedals that they even published a book, the seminal ‘Analog Man’s Guide To Vintage Effects’, which is definitely worth a read.

Analog Man is really known for their own vintage inspired guitar pedals. Just to show their commitment and to put this in perspective; Analog Man make at least 7 variations of the famous Fuzz Face, each with different transistors for unique flavors which they call the Sun face. Some companies only make a couple of fuzz pedals for their entire pedal line! And for Analog Man that is only the start; they have more variations from several other iconic fuzz pedals! And if that wasn’t enough, they go even further with additional mods and options on every one of their pedals. Of course, with so many choices it can be quite daunting and difficult to decipher. Luckily we have taken the time to compile the “best of “ features into every pedal we carry. Analog Man is committed to making top quality vintage inspired products that evoke the best of the past, built for today.

We here at Ludlow Guitars are very proud to be an Authorized Dealer of Analog Man.

Analog Man pedals are lovingly handmade in Pennsylvania, USA.