Bare Knuckle Pickups - Half Note 90 Set

By Bare Knuckle Pickups

$ 200.00 $ 240.00

A pure and dynamic early '50s voiced P90 designed to recreate the tone of the jazz greats and complement the natural tone of the guitar.

The Half Note 90s are vintage output P90 single coils voiced primarily for jazz players who want a fat single coil tone with a wide dynamic range that follows their playing technique. The mid range is broad and solid, each note carrying plenty of weight with exceptional harmonic detail and clarity. Low notes maintain a piano-like chime while high notes are fat and ring out with an almost acoustic quality. The Alnico III magnets have a relatively low string pull allowing for very natural sustain and really lets the unadulterated tone of a semi or hollow body come through without excessive coloring.

Ludlow Configuration:

  • Dog Ear Style
  • Black Covers



Bridge DC:

7.7KΩ *
Alnico III

Neck DC:

7.1KΩ *
Alnico III

*all DC resistances are approximate

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