Bare Knuckle Pickups - '58 Split Coil P Set

By Bare Knuckle Pickups

$ 120.00

As the Precision bass evolved the early Tele bass single coil was replaced with a split coil, humbucking design in 1957. The '58 Split Coil P is based on the slightly later split coil design with flat profile, hand bevelled, Alnico V magnets arranged across two coils with opposing wind direction and magnetic polarity to cancel out hum. Scatter-wound by hand with 42AWG plain enamel wire, the tone is stronger in the bass with a more controlled high end and slightly scooped mid compared to the earlier single coil. Characteristic of the later '50s P basses, there's more output on tap for a muscular performance with exceptional punch.

Applications: Blues, Country, Jazz, Funk, Reggae, Indie, Pop, Britpop, Classic Rock and Metal

On a scale from 1 to 10

  • Bass: 6
  • Middle: 4
  • Treble: 5
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